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A Very Merry Chocolate Tree Liquor Gift

  • Two of the most popular, most recognizable parts about the Christmas holiday season: the Christmas trees… and the oh so delicious and decadent treats. When these two things combine, the result is A Very Merry Chocolate Tree Liquor Gift, featuring a giant milk chocolate Christmas tree and a bottle of bold liquor to help you enjoy these happy holidays!

  • Chocolate - Chocolate Christmas Tree: Enjoy a marvelously merry Christmas gift in the form of a giant, milk chocolate Christmas Tree. No presents needed under this tree, because the tree is more than enough!

    Glass - One Whiskey Glass: This bespoke glass is ideal for enjoying a whiskey on the rocks! 

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

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The hamper looked beautiful

This was a gift for my brother that I ordered on the last minute. It reached its destination on time and was adored by my brother and his wife. Thanks for the service. Would recommend.

Delightful stuff

The wine had a slightly fruity and mineral nose with hints of citrus and honey. It was smooth and gentle on the palate with a mild sweetness. It was packaged well to stay good while in shipping. Not much of a chocolate person but mom liked it. I rather order this hamper again with some more bottle of wine or champagne in it. Recommended.

It was a successful present

I live in Toronto and sent this gift to my sister all the way to California. It reached her real quick, all safe and sound. She is very fussy about gifts but seemed thrilled with this one. The picture she sent me showed a well packaged, beautiful hamper. Would love to purchase again.