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The Red Salad Gourmet Gift Basket

  •  While Christmas is often advertised with all sorts of candy and chocolate, the holiday season can include a bit of green as well. North Pole Co.'s Red Salad Gourmet Gift Basket includes some healthier options for the Christmas season. And just because it's healthy, doesn't mean it won't taste amazing


    CONTAINER: Solid bamboo red salad bowl with handles — great for any salad.

    Fork & Spoon salad tonges.

    CRACKERS: Capeachio's Asst Crackers 249g/8.8oz

    Haute Cuisine Crackers - Made from the best ingredients. Loaded with Gourmet taste you can feel good about. Roasted Onion 113g/4oz

    PASTA: Piacelli Pasta Spaghetti Quattro Formaggi 315g

    Filotea Fettucine - What am I? A 1cm wide pasta for meat sauces. It's unique because Filotea pasta is roughly textured giving it extraordinary absorption for sauces.250g

    CAPERS: Capers pack big flavor in a tiny package. These little spheres are the flower buds of a prickly shrub that grows all over the Mediterranean. Eaten raw, capers are unpalatably bitter, but once cured in a vinegar brine or in salt, they develop an intense flavor that is all at once salty, sour, herbal, and slightly medicinal.

    CHEESE: Rosenborg Castello Cheese - Camembert 12/125g 

    ANTIPASTO: Venitian Classic Antipasto 215g 

    MUSTARDS: Elki Gourmet Whipped Mustard Spread & Dip - More than a mustard; 11.5 oz

    OLIVES: Mille Lacs Olives - Spanish Margaritta 57g/2oz

    DIPS: Too Good Gourmet Spinach Dip

    VINEGARS: Vinegar in a Decorative Square Obelisk Bottle

    Sunrise Valley Red Wine Vinegar 340ml

    PEPPERS: Sunrise Valley Red Whole Roasted Peppers 225g

    OILS: Iliada Extra Virgin Oil Oil - Organic - Product of Greece - first pressing from Koroneik olives. Fruity, sweet & mildly light taste ideal for salad dressings, grilled fish, white meat, sauces, pastas & vegetables.500 ml

    NOTES: Cloth napkin, napkin ring and placement are for illustration purposes only.


Included in Our Christmas Wine Gift Baskets: