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Ultimate Christmas Wine & Chocolate Basket

  • Great for that special someone on your list, the Ultimate Christmas Wine & Chocolate Basket from The North Pole Company is a gift the recipient won’t soon forget. Boasting an incredible assortment of gourmet foods and beverages, it’s sure to make anyone’s Christmas extra special. Included in this set is a variety of gourmet chocolates from Neuhaus, Monarch, and more, along with gourmet cheese, a selection of crackers, cookies, candy, fair trade coffee, organic honey, black truffle oil and truffle salt, a selection of hot chocolate, 2 bottles of wine (which can be upgraded if you wish), and more, as well as a sturdy wooden cutting board and a set of cheese knives.  

  • Oil -5 Unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made with SWAROVSKI Crystals, is a unique gift for someone who appreciates the best! This Olive Oil is presented in a tasteful box which is placed in a cellophane bag and adorned with a beautiful bow.
    Chutney - Mrs Bridges Plum Chutney with Ale
    Chocolate - Brix Samplers- Three delicious flavours in Milk, Smooth Dark, Extra Dark (Now as Süβ Dark Chocolate Squares ) Süβ’s Dark Chocolate Squares are delightfully smooth and bold, ensuring a top-notch chocolate experience.
    Paté - Sea Change Lobster Paté - made with an original recipe using lobster meat from Canada's east coast, seasoned with a splash of brandy.
    Mustard - Fleur D'Olive - Herbs, spices and other aromatic, all-natural seasonings are skillfully added to bring this concoction alive with finesse and flavor. The result is a delicious line of deliciously authentic and natural mustards.
    Chocolate - Dark Ice Wine Chocolates in a windowed tin
    Chocolate - Peppermint Natural Confection Bark {10 oz.} Two flavors in one box: dark chocolate & creamy white —wafer-thin with red & green peppermint candy.
    Chocolate - Marich Premium Chocolate
    Marich - Candy Cane Caramels -Rich caramels in dark chocolate and our signature candy cane coating.
    Hot Chocolate - Cobblestone Kitchen Chocolate Mousse - A perfect blend of carefully selected ingredients to make this cocoa rich and creamy.
    Nougat - This raspberry nougat is beautifully presented and wonderfully tasty!
    Chocolate - Dark chocolate 73% cocoa from Ghana, Ecuador and Papua selection contains: - Dark Chocolate and Cherry 100g - Dark Chocolate and Orange 100g - Dark Chocolate and Mint 100g - Dark Chocolate and Hazelnuts 100g - Dark Chocolate and Pistachio 100g
    Brittle - The Ultimate English Toffee Brittle - Delicious toffee that will satisfy your sweet tooth. You'll be craving more and more after every bite.
    Coffee - Whittard Organic Peruvian Coffee - Whittard Organic Peruvian Ground Coffee.This shade grown organic coffee comes from tiny hillside farms in Southern Peru It is harvested by hand using traditional methods
    Fudge - Laura Secord Maple Fudge - Made with pure maple syrup. 10 pieces indidually wrapped.
    Cookies - Too Good Gourmet cookies decoratively wrapped and ready for the holidays.
    Olive Oil - Senoria Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Dipper - Wildly Delicious Herbed Balsamic Bread Dipper - Traditionally spiced with basil and oregano, this product is a combination of sunflower oil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. For easy entertaining, simply pour onto a serving plate and surround with bite sized portions of the bread of your choice.
    Wooden Chest - Beautiful Dark Wood Decorative Chest

What Is Included in this Champagne/Sparkling Wine Gift Basket?