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A Christmas in France Gift Basket

  • Say “Joyeux Noël” with theA Christmas in France Gift Basket.Filled with richpâté, gourmet chocolate truffles, fine wines, delectable dark chocolates, and more, this gift is the perfect holiday treat for any lover of boldly delectable flavors. The two included bottles of wine may be upgraded from our extensive wine list and additional gourmet goods may be added. See below for more details.

  • Marshmallow - The North Pole Co. Chocolate and Peppermint Dipped Marshmallow:Made with extreme dedication to the Christmas spirit, the North Pole Co.’s marshmallow treats are the perfect sweet for the holiday season.

    Pâté - Sea Change Seafoods Crab Pâté:Rich and decadent, Sea Change’s gourmet crab spread is a true delight. The perfect companion for cheese, crackers, and wine.

    Chocolate Truffles - Monarch Handmade Gourmet Chocolate Truffles:The king of confections and chocolates once again proves their mettle with these delightfully light yet decadent chocolate truffles.  Evolving flavours roll across the palate, indulging the senses with each and every morsel.

    Candy - Mrs Bothchild Red Hot Cinnamon Gummy:Mrs. Bothchild’s Cinnamon Gummies are a delightful treat, filled with bold and commanding flavours. The perfect treat to explore and indulge in the strong and varied palate of cinnamon.

    Pretzels - East Shore Sugar & Spice Pretzels:These salty and savoury pretzels are traditionally seasoned, ensuring every bite is full of satisfyingly crunchy delight. Great on their own or with mustard.

    Chocolate - BOSS Milk Chocolate Brick:Wine tasting and pairing has never been more delightful and palatable. BOSS rich chocolate bricks are crafted to compliment wine and indulge the senses.

    Mustard - Black Duck Champagne Honey Mustard:Black Duck’s carefully crafted and seasoned mustards are a true delight. Not only do they function positively perfectly as a traditional condiment, the quality of mustard allows them to also stand apart as a spread. Perfectly paired with pretzels, charcuteries, crackers, cheeses, sandwiches, sausages, and so much more.

    Chocolate - SUB Dark Swiss Chocolate Squares:SUB’s Swiss-style dark chocolate squares are the perfect treat to share. When paired with coffee, tea, and other desserts, these artisanal chocolates truly shine. These chocolates are designed to mingle and complement other sweets, truly delighting the palate.

    Chocolate - HENDRICKX Belgian Milk Chocolate:Rich and creamy, HENDRICKX Belgian Chocolate is the apex of delight. Traditionally crafted by dedicated chocolatier’s, HENDRICKX is a name you can trust to satisfy any choclatey craving.

    Chocolate- Bogaerts Almond Milk Chocolate:Beautifully pairs with rich flavours, particularly icewines. Bogaerts carefully designed and crafted chocolates are a true standout, certain to bring delight and joy to any sweet tooth.

    Jam - Lake of Bays Black Cherry Raspberry Jam:This rich and sweet traditional jam is the perfect addition to pastries, toast, cheese, and more. With no additives or preservatives, Lake of Bays jams are filled with classically pure flavour that will never fail to impress.

    Cookies - The Shortbread Bakery Original Gourmet Shortbread Cookies:As the name implies, The Shortbread Bakery specializes in baking shortbread. These delicate and crumbly cookies are artfully crafted to perfection, and are a true delight to the tastebuds.

    Chocolate - Saxon Peppermint Paws:Sweet and fresh, these peppermint flavoured paws are a truly divine and the perfect festive snack.

    Container - Handled Parisian Basket: This gift set arrives in a beautiful Parisian inspired basket. Complete with handles, this basket is perfect for taking to picnics, the local weekend market, storing fruits, bread, or household knick-knacks.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?