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Christmas Crackers & Wine Gift

  • Create a delicious appetizer platter with the amazing items featured in theChristmas Crackers & Wine Gift. From flavored crackers to gourmet sauces, this cracker and wine gift is the perfect gift for some holiday snacking with friends and family.

  • Included In This Gift Basket


    Sauce – Venetian Pesto Sauce: Venetian’s savory spreads offer bold yet complimentary flavors to any appetizer or sandwich. Beautifully paired with toasts, crackers, cheeses, charcuterie, fresh baked breads, and wines, Venetian’s spreads are as diverse in application as they are uniquely delicious.

    Crackers - Mariner Organic Flatbread Rosemary Crackers: Freshly made, rich tasting Mariner Organic Flatbread Crackers will bring you a pleasurable snacking experience.

    Basket - Stained Wicker Basket: Housing all of the wonderful items in this gift, this stained wicker gift basket is not only the gift’s foundation, it can also be used afterwards for any number of different purposes.

    Wine - This gift basket comes with a bottle of our default wine. See below for more details on the default wine that will be included in your gift.

Included in Our Christmas Wine Gift Baskets: